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Super-Charge your 3D print business

Massivit makes it easy to add super-size 3D printing solutions to your line-up. Get yourself ahead of the market, with the most productive large-format 3D printing solution. You already know most of the 3D printing secrets and tricks, the Massivit solution will help you take those to new markets and new uses.

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Grow Revenues

Print for your current customers or expand into new services such as displays for advertising, promotions, high-level marketing, entertainment and more – with an almost limitless variety of super-size 3D printing.

Increase Productivity

Turnaround jobs at break-neck speed. Massivit prints objects faster than anything available in today’s 3D printing market. Print 2 different objects in parallel at rates up to 35 cm/hr | 14 inch/hr. Cut finishing time dramatically, with no support structures to remove and no need for post-curing.

Lower Costs

Massivit “hollow-shell” 3D objects are easy to handle and transport. And, they consume less material than most 3D printers.

Easy Operation

Support-less printing and fully cured prints that requires no post-print process. Hollowed objects are light weight and easy to handle. The large size and the simple bonding of parts makes it much easier to create complex super-sized and even mega projects.


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