Retail Space Design

A whole new production method for retail design and promotion

3D printing allows retailers to create vibrant eye-catching window displays, point-of-purchase (POP) stands, visual merchandising and exhibitions elements and even bespoke retail outlets that surpasses what can be achieved with traditional manufacturing.

With recent studies suggesting that 3D advertising has five times the stopping power and four times the staying power of 2D advertising, it is clear why this is the technology for retail and advertising applications.

With the capability to very quickly produce larger-than-life high quality models by using 3D pieces, you could be transforming high-level advertising, visual merchandising POP and POS displays, which are more engaging.

The ability to offer attention-grabbing added-value visual communications that better engage target audiences achieves this. Moreover, it makes engaging and subsequently, retaining such customers much easier.

For retailers and marketers, it crucially offers the capability to very cost-effectively elevate their promotional work to a new dimension with maximum impact. If you are a Brand Marketing Manager you are probably always seeking to maximize the ‘wow’ factor of signage and graphics.

If you are a Retailer, you too are looking to transform your environment to better engage and entertain with customers, making 3D printed displays a great tool for point-of-purchase (POP) displays, billboards, bus wraps and other attention-grabbing graphics.

3D printing is enabling PSP’s to extend their existing portfolio of offerings by combing in traditional signs and displays with new, creative innovations. Or you might be in digital signage. By integrating screens into 3D printed housings, sign shops can better catch the attention of passersby.

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