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SA International

SA International (SAi) is recognised as a global leader in providing complete, professional software solutions from design to production for the sign making, digital printing, screen-printing and CNC machining industries. The Company’s software solutions help turn creative ideas into reality by providing world-class design and editing tools geared for production.

SAi has a loyal and well-distributed network of resellers around the world with more than 100,000 customers in more than 50 countries. The Company’s products are translated into more than 13 languages. SAi has strong OEM relationships with industry leaders. SAi will continue its endless efforts to provide innovative solutions and the best service to its customers.

SA International, formerly Scanvec, Ltd. was founded as an Israeli Corporation in 1989. The company merged in December 1998 with Amiable Technologies, Inc. and changed its name in July 1999. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, SAi can also be found in Brussels, Belgium; São Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai and Hong Kong, China and Tokyo, Japan.


Introducing PixelBlaster for high-volume, super-wide format and specialty printing businesses.

PixelBlaster is a genuine end-to-end system that covers pre-flight to production. By touching all aspects of your workflow, PixelBlaster allows the various elements of your shop to work together as one cohesive unit, ultimately making your business more efficient and profitable.

PixelBlaster stands apart from other workflow RIPs with standardised printing. By standardising colour based on industry-accepted profiles (GRACoL, ISO, Euroscale, FOGRA), PixelBlaster enables diverse printers to automatically generate the same predictable and reproducible output quality and colour – regardless of the brand of hardware, the type of inks or the substrates used. PixelBlaster is also modular, giving you the flexibility to grow your shop without changing software, and is also Mac/Win compatible.

PixelBlaster ... raising the standard.


PB Profiler allows you to create printer profiles for industry-accepted standards, including GRACoL, ISO, Euroscale, FOGRA and N-Color.


PB Library stores and manages profiles, media libraries, and media and print mode names.


PB Central is the main user interface where designers pre-flight files using the Errors palette, prepare jobs with an array of finishing tools, and manage colors through input and output profiles. Repetitive tasks, like tiling and placing grommets, are automated for ease and to eliminate production errors. Additional Central modules increase production by allowing multiple designers to simultaneously send jobs to Engine.


PB Engine drives all the output devices (RIP to analog or digital) and communicates with the Central, View and Q modules. Additional Engine modules help load balance jobs in high production environments.


PB Q provides printer operators the ability to nest jobs, set copies and manage printer output.


PB View is especially helpful for ensuring complex files with transparencies, blends and layers are rendered correctly. PB View displays actual RIP data for a final check before printing.

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Award Winning Software

PixelBlaster was awarded "Best Wide Format Software Solution" by the 2012 European Digital Press Association. Find out for yourself how PixelBlaster can revolutionise your wide format workflow.

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