On the shelf, in the bin or back in your printer?

What if machine failure due to blocked printheads would become history?

Avoid unnecessary costs by recovering your blocked printheads with our
Digital Dot Jet Repair Service instead of throwing or stashing them away.

After thorough research and development as well as an investment in very professional printhead cleaning and testing equipment, we are able to recover a vast amount of printheads. If the head has no mechanical nor electrical failure, it is recoverable.

Follow your head every step of the way

Besides investing in the equipment, we also developed a tracking system of your head.  You can ship it to us without any doubts, it will be handled with care and will be traceable during the complete process. 

When receiving the head it will receive its first visual inspection , a picture of the waterfall and an initial nozzle test will be taken. The head will be introduced in our helpdesk system, allowing to keep track by the serial number. Once it enters the cleaning process, all cleaning cycles will be carefully noted and regularly a new waterfall and nozzle test will be performed. The cleaning will only stop at a 100% result, meaning a perfect nozzle test.

Afterwards the head will be packed in a vacuum seal and shipped to you in a special box including the full report. Or do you prefer us to re-install the head? No problem, we will even determine this beforehand so we can plan an intervention accordingly.


Recover Possibility

98% of all received heads are recovered

with this state of the art cleaning process



A repair is only succesful

at a 100% recovery rate!

x 2

Jet Lifetime

Double the lifetime of your Jets

and avoid throwing 'money' in the bin

The Jet Repair Process


The elaborate cleaning process will extend the lifespan of the printhead and maintain the highest level of quality, avoiding print artifacts. 


Before and after the cleaning process, the printhead is tested as if installed in a printer. The initial nozzle test informs us about the actual status and allows us to evaluate the result of the cleaning process.

Detailed Report

Every cleaned head will be delivered with a detailed report about the Cleaning Cycles, Initial and Final Waterfall test, Initial and Final Nozzle test.

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