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3D Print your concept in no time

  Massivit 3D’s new, large-scale 3D printing system, the Massivit 5000, spearheads a new category in additive manufacturing for large parts. The Massivit 5000 responds to Industry 4.0 requirements for the automotive, rail, and marine industries, offering new resolutions, print modes, and materials for high definition, fidelity, and speed.

Leveraging the exceptional build volume and production speed facilitated by Massivit 3D's Gel Dispensing Printing, the Massivit 5000 enables manufacturers and service bureaus to produce full-scale parts, prototypes, and molds within hours instead of weeks. Watch here! car was designed by the famous car designer, Takumi Yamamoto, and demonstrates Massivit 3D's ability to create concept prototypes.

Super-Charge your 3D print business

Massivit makes it easy to add super-size 3D printing solutions to your line-up. Get yourself ahead of the market, with the most productive large-format 3D printing solution. You already know most of the 3D printing secrets and tricks, the Massivit solution will help you take those to new markets and new uses.

Grow Revenues

Print for your current customers or expand into new services such as displays for advertising, promotions, high-level marketing, entertainment and more – with an almost limitless variety of super-size 3D printing.

Increase Productivity

Turnaround jobs at break-neck speed. Massivit prints objects faster than anything available in today’s 3D printing market. Print 2 different objects in parallel at rates up to 35 cm/hr | 14 inch/hr. Cut finishing time dramatically, with no support structures to remove and no need for post-curing.

Easy Operation

Support-less printing and fully cured prints that requires no post-print process. Hollowed objects are light weight and easy to handle. The large size and the simple bonding of parts makes it much easier to create complex super-sized and even mega projects.

Lower Costs

Massivit “hollow-shell” 3D objects are easy to handle and transport. And, they consume less material than most 3D printers.

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