Holidays are coming

Coca Cola turned to the talented team at McGowans for their Christmas Campaign in supermarkets and cinemas.

With 80 true-to-life 3D wheels produced using 3D printed molds, the Cola Cola trucks serve both as point of purchase displays as well as a selfie point for enthusiasts who can jump inside and take a snap. 

Campaign by McGowans - Ireland

A whole new production method for retail design and promotion

3D printing allows retailers to create vibrant eye-catching window displays, point-of-purchase (POP) stands, visual merchandising and exhibitions elements and even bespoke retail outlets that surpasses what can be achieved with traditional manufacturing.

With the capability to very quickly produce larger-than-life high quality models by using 3D pieces, you could be transforming high-level advertising, visual merchandising POP and POS displays, which are more engaging.

3D print molds for thermoforming

Yet another possibility!

Print a mold for thermoforming and copy an original design in no time. This POP display really does pop out with an illuminated , 3D character, compared to the regular design.

From which display would you take your cookies?

Campaign by Massivit 3D


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