QS2 Pro

Introducing the EFI VUTEk® QS2 Pro - a powerful UV printer designed for high-quality, large-scale production. This versatile two-meter printer provides all the essential tools to enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth. It offers a perfect blend of grayscale printing precision, color fidelity, and consistency, all while maintaining impressive production speeds. Achieving stunning fine art and point-of-purchase (P-O-P) image quality is effortless thanks to the innovative six-color plus white ink system and true grayscale print head technology. Furthermore, this printer offers superior ink efficiency, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership.

Immediately available

Digital Dot Certified in 2022
Construction Date : 2015

C M Y K Lc Lm + White

Rigid, sheet and flexible media

up to 2 meters wide and 5.08cm thick